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Waldorf: Education for the 21st century
When approached by the news media and asked the question, "What did Waldorf Education do for you?," Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg replied, "It encouraged me to always strive to become a better human being."

In Waldorf schools, children learn experientially, creating their own handwritten and illustrated textbooks, chronicling their educational experience through their own eyes and hands. What begins in Kindergarten with bread baking and wood working evolves into a passion for lifelong learning. In the earlier grades, mental concepts are introduced with concrete objects, while imaginative stories form the basis for arithmetical problems. In the advanced grades, physics, inorganic chemistry and mathematics are treated with visual artistry as well as precision.

“Waldorf taught me how to think for myself, to be accountable for my actions, to be a good listener and be sensitive to the needs of others. It also helped me to focus on the un-derlying importance of beliefs and values that are the foundation of good leadership.”

Kenneth Chenault, President
American Express
(former Waldorf student)